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Title Insurance Calculations
*Be sure to check if you are eligible for a Title Insurance Reissue Credit!


  • Premium Discounts are available; for examples, a reissue credit may apply if you are refinancing or if you are selling your home within 3 years of purchasing it. A copy of the current Owner's Policy of Title Insurance must be submitted when the title work is ordered.
  • Please call our office 850.547.2025 to obtain reissue credit information.

The Following calculations are for premium title insurance rates to be charged by title insurers in the State of Florida for the respective types of title insurance contracts and policies according to the rules promulgated by the FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF INSURANCE in THE FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE, Chapter 4-186 Title Insurance and Section 627.7825, Florida Statutes for 1-4 Residential.

Florida Title Insurance Calculator



Insured Amount: 

Florida Title Insurance Rates:


$0 up to $100,000 - $5.75 per $1000 (min $100)

Over $100,000 up to $1 Million - $5.00 per $1000

Over $1 Million up to $5 Million - $2.50 per $1000

Over $5 Million up to $10 Million - $2.25 per $1000

Over $10 Million - $2.00 per $1000

Simultaneous Policy:





When both a Owner’s Policy (OP) and Loan Policy (LP) are to be issued.




Insurance Rate:

Florida Title Insurance Endorsements:




ALTA 4.1 Condo ($25) (OP/LP)

ALTA 5.1 PUD ($25) (OP/LP)

ALTA 6.0 Negotiable Rate Mortgage ($25) (LP)

ALTA 6.1 Variable Rate Mortgage ($25) (LP)

ALTA 6.2 Neg. Amoritzation Mortgage ($25) (LP)

ALTA 7.0 Manufactured Housing ($25) (OP/LP)

ALTA 8.1 Environmental Protection Liens ($25) (LP)

Florida Form 9 (10% of Insurance Rate) (LP)

Florida Form 9.1 (10% of Insurance Rate) (vacant land) (OP)

Florida Form 9.2 (10% of Insurance Rate) (improved land) (OP)

Navigational Servitude (10% of Insurance rate) (water front) (OP/LP)

Survey (survey not required for condo) (OP/LP)



*Estimated Total: